Rails 2.1 Tutorial

You know, Ruby on Rails is great. It can make you a very productive web developer and it can make programming more fun. Unfortunately I always have trouble finding the right documentation. Sure, there’s plenty out there, but most of it is for Rails 1.2.x. And yes, there are some sites out there with Rails 2.x docs but usually it’s just the API.

But what about code examples or tutorials? I haven’t been able to find many for Rails 2.1, but I did find this one over at Tutorials Point. It covers all the basic things you need to know about Rails and you can read it in a few minutes. I recommend it to all Rails beginners who want to start from version 2.1. They also have a Ruby tutorial that’s worth checking out.

Unfortunately that’s the only 2.1 tutorial I’ve found so far. But nonetheless, I will continue to look for more.

I would appreciate any articles, tutorials or recommended books on Rails 2.1.


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