So where’s the Intalio source code?

At work we are currently evaluating the Intalio Open Source BPMS. We are playing a bit with it, trying to install it on several different environments.

I had a little problem when using it with the IBM JDK, so I decided to look for the Intalio source code and apparently I’m not the only one who can’t find it:

So where’s the source code?


4 thoughts on “So where’s the Intalio source code?

  1. Intalio BPMS Community Edition is essentially an assembly of the following components.

    Apache Axis2 (Web-service Stack)

    Apache Geronimo (Application Server)

    Apache Ode (Process Engine)

    Eclipse STP BPMN (BPMN Modeler) Tempo (Human Workflow)

    Orbeon Forms

    You can easily find the source code of each of these open-source projects starting from their home page.

  2. Jonathan: it is interesting that you mention FAQ36. In that FAQ you specifically say “Our Commercial Open Source Model is defined at

    The reader who follows that link will find a clear commitment to an MPL licensed version of the core product in, err, 2007.

    Is that still your intention, or has the model moved on since then?

    Whilst you’re thinking about that, perhaps you could also put in an FAQ to describe in detail what information the Designer “phones home” with, since we’re forced to sign-in to Intalio (so no play if Intalio is down today…), and can’t see the code of the actual version we’re using to see that it is not, for instance, uploading our code to Intalio’s servers.

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