DB2 on Ubuntu: “Database is damaged” error

If you installed DB2 Express-C 9.5 on Ubuntu and can’t create any databases because of the following error:

SQL1034C The database is damaged. All applications processing the database
have been stopped. SQLSTATE=58031

Try adding the following to the /home/db2inst1/.bashrc file:

export LC_ALL=C

This happened to me running Ubuntu in Spanish and the above environment variable fixed the problem. I can now create and use databases.

By the way, I found this solution here.


No grep in Windows? No problem.

Just a quick tip. I’ve always complained that Windows doesn’t have the grep command but you can use the Windows find command the same way.

For example, in Linux you can do:

$ cat /etc/services | grep “http”

The equivalent in Windows would be:

c:\> type \Windows\system32\drivers\etc\services | find “http”

Try it.

The Story of Stuff

A friend of mine sent me a link to a very interesting video clip on consumerism. The clip is only about 20 minutes long and I highly recommend it.

Here’s a teaser:

You can view the entire video online at The Story of Stuff website.

You can also download it here or order a DVD.

And if you want to know more about the topics discussed or want to learn about things you can do to contribute they have a resources page that can help you learn more.